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De-Stressing Benefits

De-stressing Benefits {5 Healthy Reasons To Make A Massage Appointment Today}

1} First thing we would like to mention in this top five list of de-stressing benefits is how Massage can help manage anxiety and depression. There is nothing worse than stress and anxiety and massage helps release special endorphins that help counteract these symptoms. Lifting spirits and easing symptoms of depression or PMS.

2} Not only does massage help stress and anxiety, but it also helps relieve body soreness and pain. According recent studies, massage helped people in pain feel and function better compared to people who did not receive a massage treatment. Easing pain leads to better  range of motion and less stiffness.

3} Massage increases blood flow, which plumps up sagging skin, encourages lymphatic drainage and adds vibrancy to a dull complexion and lackluster hair. That alone is enough to sell me a 10 session package!

4} It is a fact that people who experience tons of stress seem to get sick more often. Stress combined with poor nutrition and lack of sleep, our immune system suffers. But with Massage you can improve your immune system’s overall function according to clinical studies. Massage improves the level of the body’s killer cells and reduces the number of T-cells.

5} And last, It seriously helps you sleep at night. My favorite benefit of all!  A weekly massage is good for body and mind; Here’s what to do: Find a certified therapist. Like the ones at Sparrow Salon and Massage and make that appointment! What are you waiting for? {Save 40% off first appointment.}