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Massage Services . By Appointment Only

Nurturing Therapeutic Massage:  As deep or as light as you need, we will craft
a massage to work out your kinks, fix what ails you, and leave you feeling fabulous.

Connective Tissue Massage: Based on Rolfing, this technique is often used for focus on a particular area, old or recent injury, or a recurring pain. It is particularly effective in treating tendonitis, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, scar tissue, misalignment, and decreased range of motion.

Pre and Post-Natal Massage: A safe, nurturing, yet effective massage can help relieve sciatica, tension, pain, and swelling.

Reiki:  This is a pure form of healing energy flowing from the therapists hands to wherever you need it, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  People receiving Reiki often report a feeling of deep relaxation, warmth, buzzing, or tingling.

Reflexology (hand or foot): Everybody loves having their hands and feet rubbed. It’s like eating only the frosting and knowing it’s good for you.

Wrinkle-Erase Face Massage: Muscles are one of the biggest causes of wrinkles. Instead of botoxing your muscles into paralysis, I can massage them into releasing their hold on your skin. This is a great treatment to have before an event.

Japanese Dry Brushing: Relaxing strokes with a gentle bristle brush remove dead skin, flush toxins, and strengthen the immune system.

Detox Special:

15 Min Japanese Dry Brush

15 Min Reflexology

60 Min Massage

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*Experience any service as a full session, or mix-and-match to create your own session of pampering.

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