Best Updo’s for 2015

Best Updo’s for 2015

Best updos of 2015

This season updos’ are not just for weddings and special occasions but are great for everyday, even going to the office. Especially during the hot months, Updo’s are cool, classic and beautiful and not as hard as you would imagine to do on yourself. Take a look at these fun up do designs and check out a few youtube tutorials for quick and easy techniques. You’ll be an updo pro before you know it!

Best Updo's for 2015

Not getting the hang of it? Then visit a salon like Sparrow in Brooklyn, NY for a hands on lesson. They can even design your updo for your special occasion.

Things You’ll need for the perfect updo

  • Hairspray , Good firm hold , like Volumax from Sally’s Beauty Supply
  • Bobby pins or spiral pins
  • Clean dry hair (at least shoulder length)
  • Hair bands
  • Rat tail cob for easy sectioning and smoothing
  • Wax or past to smooth edges (optional)

With a little patience and practice you can have super fun and trendy updo’s for the season!

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